Our Culture


The founder of Allons Consulting Group set out to create a culture in which individuals transcends tacit knowledge into the customer DNA to realize a better tomorrow. As a result, Allons developed a world-class culture with minimal operational constraints and a flat organizational structure. Allons aim is to hire the best people and provide them with support and state-of-the-art tools to deliver superior client service.

Client satisfaction remains our #1 value.

We build trusted relationships with our clients and foster a strong client service orientation among our staff members. Our professional, collaborative culture ensures that we bring the best of Allons to each and every client engagement.

Allons operate from a shared set of core principles, both interpersonally and intellectually, that guide everything we do as well as how we treat our clients and each other. In practice, these principles – surfacing and challenging important problems, applying rigorous processes, engaging in ongoing inquiry, sharing continuous learning, and assuming individual accountability are infused with a positive spirit de corps. Our environment stimulates the intellectual growth and dedication to lifelong learning.

Allons professional culture is both entrepreneurial and resourceful. When a challenging client problem arises, consultants across the entire firm will work together to ensure that the best experts and resources within and outside Allons environment contribute to clarity of understanding and action.

We help our clients in their efforts to take advantage of big opportunities every day. With deep defense industry knowledge, broad capabilities, and solid strategic alliances, we have what it takes to look at challenges from every angle and create solutions that avoid unnecessary risk.