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Most people would agree that three decades of experience in planning and
strategy development qualifies one to propose a “grand theory” of strategic
planning. In assuming that, most people would be right—and wrong. Right,
because experience does count. Wrong, because grand theories are just
that—theories. And over-hyped theories, at that. In fact, if my thirty-plus
years in the profession mean anything, they are as a testament to the value
of a simple strategic methodology. As a businessman and former military
strategic planner, I don’t want to be bogged down in a strategic swamp,
mired in wasted time and resources, and neither do you. Expensive
consultants? A waste; get rid of ’em. If you, like just about everyone else in
business, want to get the most out of the debit side of your ledger, this book
is all you need to become an expert strategic planner. Read more…