Tactical to Strategic experience in all facets of management consulting.

Some examples of how Allons has transformed the management profession over the past decades:


Over 28 years of proven leadership in variously sized organizations. Demonstrated ability to lead, train, and motivate organizations and subordinates to succeed in any environment and mentor and empower subordinates to reach their potential as evidenced as the recipient of the National Defense Transportation Association Leadership Award in 2005.

Team Building and Training

Multiple experiences in building organizations focusing on a particular goal. Built, managed and perfected a first class Joint Operations Center in Europe, building a quality team providing leadership with critical, time sensitive information at the right time. Conceptualized, and implemented the first ever distribution deployment operations school in Poland. Managed a series of training products and standardized procedures that built a cohesive organization and reduced training time by over 50%. Recognized as exceptional teachers, coaches and mentors that always developed any size organization into a unified, cohesive professional team.

Innovation & Strategic Planning

Vast experience developing corporate vision and mission, core competencies, evaluation criteria and metrics for inclusion in strategic and adaptive planning, and operational documents. Developed numerous new initiatives that refocused daily requirements and fused them into opportunities to improve business processes. Established long term strategic goals for major U.S. Army subordinate commands which set into motion spiral developments that provide new and long lasting benefits for the organization.

Logistics Management

Results-oriented management and training professionals specializing in logistical strategic and operational planning, process management and the development of logistics policy and workplace implementation. More than two decades of experience in operations focused on transportation, logistics and supply chain management; comprehensive understanding of resource management; able to develop and articulate requirements for large organization-wide programs. Pioneered efforts to utilize best management practices to develop the essential workforce for long-term success. Proven track record for expertise in expeditionary logistics – emplacing distribution architecture where none exists.

Process Improvement

Conceptualized, built, and implemented Lean Six Sigma programs for major Army Commands. Resulted in a cultural shift that continually embraces Lean strategies. Today, we continue innovative thinking with:

  • Risk assessment from not just a compliance perspective, but also a top management perspective to command the level of oversight senior leaders truly need.
  • Radical new ways to structure defense-private partnerships, linking government and private industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Drawing on the disciplines of business, organizational behavior, and decision sciences – combined with our in-depth industry experience and global perspective from partnering with clients – Allons competencies differentiate us from other consulting firms and provide our clients with thoughtful solutions that deliver competitive market advantage.

Allons serves clients on a wide array of issues, regardless of industry sector. Our capabilities have been developed through years of experience developing solutions for the most difficult, fundamental problems facing our clients. Offering global reach with local experience, our capabilities are focused on the issues most important to our clients.

We work with top management to beat their competitors and generate substantial, lasting financial impact.

We look at a business as an integrated, cohesive whole. Allons helps companies find where to make their money, make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer. We help make the big decisions: on strategy, organization, operations, technology, and acquisitions.

Our work is most successful when we work closely with clients who are dissatisfied with the status quo.