Strategic Planning: As Simple as A, B, C is a must read for leaders concerned about the future. Dave McClean provides a gift of knowledge, tools, and ideas that work regardless of the size of your company or organization. His considerable experience rings through in clear prose and his timeless ideas offer a steady guide in this dynamic and unpredictable time. This is a must read for all leaders.”
Brian Layer, CEO, N2growth, Brigadier General, US Army, Retired
“In many organizations, strategic planning is just a myth. You hear a lot about, but never see it. Dave McClean takes a very complex activity, oversimplify the steps to do strategic planning, and more importantly creates a step by step process for you to execute it!! I resoundingly suggest you read and put into action the process Dave outlines in his book. You must get this book and start your strategic path to sustained success.”
Michael Diamond, CEO LEADERSnMotion, Major General, US Army, Retired
A “must-read” addition to the libraries of all C-Suite members and their staffs. David McClean de-mystifies a very complex subject and by expertly simplifying, explaining, and blending military and corporate approaches to strategic planning; and providing plenty of practical, common sense, and easy-to-use tools to make Strategic Planning As “Simple as A, B, C”. His model of strategic planning can help any organization develop a process to ensure organizational relevance, public worth, profitability, and success in both the organization’s day-to-day and long-term life. If carefully followed, David’s tips and techniques can empower your organization to deliver a strategic plan that can profitably shape its future for a decade to come, or more.
Kathy Gainey, Senior VP, Logistics; Cypress International, LTG (Ret), US Army
David has done a masterful job in defining what strategic planning is, why it is critical to success, how to actually develop a strategic plan and how to measure execution progress – all in terms, context and easily understood rationale. He has covered all the bases and do so in a manner which will materially benefit any individual, team or organization that decides to follow his guidance. WELL DONE!!
David A. Whaley, President, Archigos, Major General, US Army, Retired
A brilliant concept finally put to paper! His book brings together the very best of executive level training with his vast entrepreneurial experience producing a logical step by step guide to strategic planning. A must read for any executive finding themselves in a complex organization struggling with it vision and more importantly its path to achieve that vision.
Jim Hickey, Vice President, Aetna Health Plans
In Strategic Planning: As Simple as A, B, C, David McClean has provided the blueprint for any organization to design a focused, usable strategic plan. It combines knowledge, theory, and experience into one logically presented reference that tells how to build a comprehensive plan and guides you through every step. Procedures laid out in this book impart an immediate return on investment by decreasing plan development time, and leading your organization to success through opportunity identification and effectively focusing resources to achieve objectives. Strategic Planning: As Simple as A, B, C should be kept on your desk, not your shelf.
R. L. Etter, President, Practical Concepts Consulting, LLC
As the Commanding General, my lead strategic planner, Dave McClean, cut through the fog of strategic planning and delivered a logical, eminently workable process. Dave’s approach showed us how to translate priority issues into specific actions, accompanied by appropriate diagnostics and measures – the plan consistently yields desired results and more.
James Hodge, President, Institute for Defense and Business, Major General, US Army, Retired
Dave McClean’s book Strategic Planning: As Simple as A, B, C is a brilliantly succinct book that brings strategy planning and implementation down from the vaporous conceptual heights of theory and makes it concrete, practical, and accessible. Each year management teams are formed to refine their organization’s current strategy or design a new one, and the first action these teams should do this year is start by reading Strategic Planning: as Simple as A, B, C. Dave speaks directly to the reader in easy to understand language, with sound advice on planning preparation, process designing, and thinking strategically.
Larry J. Lust, Associate Professor, USA Command and General Staff College, Major General, USA, Retired
Must read for growth oriented organizations. This is a masterful guide to developing a relevant business strategy, a process critical to business success but too often misunderstood and inadequately formulated. Dave provides a comprehensive, understandable, and implementable approach to creating your winning business strategy. He is an acknowledged “big thinker” who possesses the rare ability to simply the complex without sacrificing the key elements needed for success. He brings years of practical experience as a strategist, planner, analyst, operator, and teacher to create this valuable work. This is an invaluable tool for novice and expert alike, I give it my highest endorsement.
Charlie Fletcher, President, McLane Advanced Technologies, Major General, USA, Retired